Queen of Jacklow



3 thoughts on “Queen of Jacklow

  1. regalq Post author

    I am proud to be the Regal Queen off Jacklow,,I was born there,,,i have many families living there my memories of my childhood growing up as a child was a happy and pleasant one. My dad was a farmer and a hunter…Lionel Gonsalves,,,my Mom very calm and subdued Philomena Baird,,,love her husband until death,,,50 years ago,,I am their eldest daughter,my brother Leonard, and my younger sister Annnette living in New York at present .My brother a farmer and loves to work in the interior…I miss my home district Its beauty is enchanting and of clean fresh air,,,flowers,creeks and beautiful green trees and the early morning sun rising from the east,,,fresh fruits vegetables and the lovely fresh greens from my dad’s farm is making my mouth watering..my dad was a great cook,,also a bird catcher epically the towa towa,,Y,G.D.


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