William Cleave De Clou, son of Lillian and Robert De Clou was born in Christiansburg, British Guiana December 11, 1933.

Although he was the youngest of five siblings, he was the first to leave the shores of British Guiana in 1957 to serve in the British Army, Medical Core Unit in London, England. He then migrated to Toronto, Canada in 1964 and gained employment as Refrigeration Mechanic at Canadian National Railways (CN) and also held a part-time job at a security company for four years, then at Via Railways for 35-years until his retirement on December 31, 1998. He also served as Shop Steward and Vice President of Machinist AM Union of Lodge 2764, and was the Board Director of the Condominium where he lived.

William also known as Cleave or Bill, by nature was a quiet and very meticulous man, but he enjoyed to watch wrestling (quite the opposite of his quite demeanor). He loved his gadget and remote controls (he had a remote control for everything: the TV, the stereo, even the lights). He also loved to travel, enjoyed tasty food (especially steak and English potatoes), good drinks and music; and he would make a CD for anyone, filled with songs that made the listener happy.

William outlived his siblings Danny, Edna, Kenneth, and Doreen. He was never sick, but on July 29th he took ill, and passed away peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday, August 13, 2013. He is survived by his wife of 24-years, Yvonne De Clou; his children: Floretta, Stephen, Carmelita, Robert and Charles; grand-children: Andrea, Lindsay, Cassandra, Daniel, Selina, Alexandria and Iris; nieces and nephews: Enid, Yvonne, Truman, Elizabeth and Alfred; great-nieces and nephews: Leon, Walter, Allison, Marcia and many others; and his sister-in-law Annette.

His beautiful blue eyes and ever present smile will be missed.     


One thought on “Obituary

  1. regalq Post author

    I gives me great pleasure to share this Obituary with everyone around the world…His eldest grand daughter Andrea Yarde her mother Floretta Yarde Deygoo was is first daughter before marrage…I am greatful for there love for me and their father and grand father..Andrea favourite name for him is granpa…our last memorable moments was my 60 birthday we spent in New York..with my family and his.His favourite son-in-law…Petter he adored him…I am very happy my husband lived his 24years married to me ,,and we share a great loving life together…he loved dancing and I love dancing..being Spanish. Portuguse indian,Carib and awarak..I was always ready to oblige.I acated out his fantizies as he wish.,,,may gGod for keep him close to his heart, I will love my husband for all eternity,,,My regal King R.I.P. love always your regal Queen Yvonne Gonsalves De Clou…Y,G,D.


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