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One thought on “Do you like my blog?

  1. regalq Post author

    The experience of losing a love one especially my loving husband William De Clou is devastating, my heart had broken to many pieces. My world came to an end on 13/august/2013. Our love for each other was like Romeo and Juliet. We fell in love at first our love was a very unique. My husband was a very quiet gentle man, while I was just the opposite, me very talkative friendly, love dancing and entertaing, he did his best to comply with my wishes what ever it may be, the day we got married 16/9/1989 both our lives became one we made promises to each other to live and honor our marriage until death do us apart,, On 13/8/2013 he was called to his eternal home he died peacefully in his sleep. One I will join him when ever god is ready for me, and we will meet again for all eternity his “quote” ” No man will ever love me the he did” and I believe him. may he R.I.P
    by his Regalq


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